Piping at funerals, memorials and life celebrations

    People of all denominations and backgrounds have bagpipe music at their
    funeral or memorial. Perhaps the best way to incorporate bagpipe music is to
    have a piece played at some point during the course of the service.

    The most requested tune is "Amazing Grace", which is best used as a stand
    alone piece. Other options include reverent music during a prelude or
    processional, or recessional such as:

    *       Danny Boy
    *      Going Home
    *      Morag of Dunvegan
    *      Flowers of the Forest
    *      Dark Island
    *      Four Green Fields
    *      Military Tunes

    Grave side services are greatly enhanced by the sound of a lone piper; the
    space outdoors usually allows for the piper to stand at a respectful distance.

    A piper walking off to Amazing Grace is very emotional.