Pipe Major John Sprague is a grade one piper and a musician
who has developed a teaching style specifically designed to
help you master the Great Highland Bagpipe in the shortest
possible time. Even if you have never played the bagpipe, or
have no background in music, his course of instruction is the
perfect starting point for you.

Learning to play the bagpipe is a process that develops in
stages. Students begin practice on a practice chanter. It’s a
small instrument that looks like a recorder. It is used to learn
basic movements. As the movements are learned, students
begin addressing tunes. After that, students move onto
playing the Great Highland Bagpipe. John’s teaching method
ensures students master the basic elements of the bagpipe
for their personal satisfaction and enjoyment, yet also gives
them the skills to join a pipe band or enter solo competition.

Having taught for over 20 years, John has perfected a
systematic approach. It has been so effective that what
started as a few students being given private instruction has
grown into a school of piping.

The benefit of the school model is that John and his two star
pupils can provide personal attention for a larger number of
students. Also, all the instructors are well versed in John’s
method so they provide a consistency of instruction.

As well as private instruction, group instruction is offered.
Many private students find that taking group in addition to
their usual course of study further aids in reinforcing the
concepts they learn. It also provides a structured practice
environment, a work out if you will. It also affords an
opportunity to meet like minded people. Students enjoy
sharing their interest and enthusiasm for piping. Many
students enjoy the social aspect of these group classes.

Some of the group instruction is done in a “masters class”
style. It is a good opportunity to hear other students who play
at your level and listen to commentary -- which you can apply
to improve your own quality of play.

Many of John’s students begin instruction with little knowledge
of the bagpipe and no background in music and go on to be
an asset to local pipe bands and become successful solo
Do you want to learn to play the Bagpipes?

I suggest the following instructor:
Pipe Major John Sprague
7228 Evanston Rd, Springfield, VA 22150
(703) 912-9308
Sprague Bagpipe School