Below is a sampling of some of the tunes that are the most popular for
bagpipes. The links below are midi files that can give you an idea of how
it sounds.

The tunes are categorized by most popular, but most any tune can be
used in any setting.  This is only a sample.


Good for the guest entrance, and processionals of bridal party:

Highland Cathedral

My Home
Skye Boat Song
 The Bridal March
Champions Supreme


Good for the recessionals of wedding party and guest exit:
Mairi's Wedding

                                     Scotland The Brave

                                        Bonny Dundee

                                    Amazing Grace

                                   Danny Boy

                                    Going Home

Green Hills of Tyrol
Morag of Dunvegan
Dark Island
Skye Boat Song
When The Battle is O'er

Other Events: Birthdays, parties etc.

Auld Lang Syne
Bonny Dundee
Paddy's Leather Breeches
Keel Row
Kilworth Hills
Loch Lomond
Marine Corp Hymn
Minstrel Boy
Rowan Tree
Scotland The Brave
Wearin' Of The Green